About Us

Welcome to dreamjap.com! This website is created as a beginners’ guide to real estate wholesaling.

My name is Thomas Smith, born and raised in Tennessee and currently settled in Miami, Fl.

My interest in wholesaling real estate properties can be traced back to when I got back to the U.S. from Japan. I was exploring my career choices and wanted a job with flexible hours or a business that requires very little investment.

I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to use my social skills which I’ve managed to improve in Japan due to my previous job there.

I consider Japan as my second home since it’s the country that taught me how to become more sociable.

Prior to settling down in Miami in 2012, I was living in Osaka, Japan for over 5 years with my girlfriend who works there as an IT consultant.

I, on the other hand, worked as sales manager for an electronics company. My career in Osaka has given me exposure to different kinds of people.

I also discovered my potential in sales and negotiation. And, when my girlfriend and I moved back to the U.S. after finishing her contract, I was quite lost and did not know where to start.

My brother who happens to be a real estate agent helped me make a fresh start in the real estate field.

Wholesaling real estate has proven to be a challenging career choice for me. I had my first deal when I saw a bandit sign placed over a far corner in our neighborhood.

The elderly who lived there wanted to sell her home since she’s going to move to her daughter’s house. I talked to her and managed to get into a verbal agreement to help her sell the property.

I discussed this to my brother and with his help, we drafted a contract and the rest is history as they say.

One thing actually led to another until I found myself continuously scouting for properties to wholesale.

Wholesaling real estate enabled me to rebuild my career, meet a lot of people and maximize the skills I’ve acquired over time.

To date, I have three other people in my team who are all freelance real estate wholesalers.

One thing I have learned about real estate wholesaling is that it requires humongous guts, social skills and sales strategies. You must have the ability to come up with a win-win solution for all parties involved.

More importantly, you must have the right connections. It also helps to develop an extraordinary ability to convince people and to determine what motivates them to sell a property.

Over all, wholesaling real estate is a career choice that would allow you to start small while learning the ropes.

Gradually, as you master the process and develop more skills, you would eventually find your way to the top.